Caryn FitzGerald, The Manifesting Queen

Listen in as Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) interviews Caryn FitzGerald.

Caryn FitzGerald – nicknamed “The Manifesting Queen” for her ability to set an intention, focus and create it – is a leadership & significance coach, author, speaker, and hostess of the radio show, “Coffee & Coaching with Caryn.” She specializes in assisting people who are at a cross-roads in life or business, to shift their mindset and actions, creating a pathway to continue on their journey towards attaining their goals and bringing their dreams to life!
Caryn holds a Masters in Professional Studies in Human Relations and has been featured in several books, including: “Online Marketing Success Stories – Insider Secrets from the Experts who are Making Millions on the Internet Today”, & “Visual Arts Junction Interviews by Shelagh Watkins.” She is also the author of “Tulips in the Sand”, “Unveiling the Mystery of Network Marketing” and co-author of “Fish Sticks, Books and Blue Jeans: A Gratitude Workbook for Kids.”
Caryn is now in her 24th year of inspiring others worldwide through her writings, speaking engagements and coaching sessions. She teaches others the techniques to becoming their own “Manifesting King or Queen.” Caryn continues to follow her passion of assisting others in achieving their personal goals, dreams and desires.


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