Christy Heady, Best Selling Author and Writing Success Coach

Listen in as Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) interviews Christy Heady, Best selling author and writing success coach.

Often referred to as a gifted writer, Christy Heady has been authoring books for more than 20 years. Since her first book was published in 1994, she went on to write or co-author several more books and has sold nearly 500,000 copies of all her books since her career began.

Christy is a tenacious and entrepreneurial-minded woman who loves the journey of a good story and the design of a solid business. As a Writing Success Coach, she helps writers achieve their highest potential through several of her coaching and mentorship programs.

She began her own writing career as a financial journalist and was fascinated reporting on the intricacies of the investment world. Her articles and television reports have appeared in national media, including the Chicago Tribune,, Consumers Digest, Los Angeles Times Syndicate, The Christian Science Monitor, Chicago Life, CNN, CNBC and PAX-TV. When she decided to extend her reach beyond financial journalism, Christy tackled subjects including health and wellness, music, architecture and design for print and television outlets such as CNN, Charleston Style & Design, and Charleston Magazine.

Today she enjoys contributing articles to, The Naples Journal, Muses & Visionaries Magazine and Working Mother Magazine. Her next book, Parenting with Grace, Gratitude… and Guts! is Heady’s compelling message to let readers know that in the often zany world of contemporary motherhood, each woman has the gift to leave a special legacy for her children.

No matter which book she has written or which program she has lead clients through, her favorite part of the process is when her readers and clients share their personal anecdotes how their lives have changed for the better. She loves championing and encouraging others for the greater good.

When not writing or coaching, Christy can be found happily helping her son Liam with his homework and having a blast cheering him on at his weekly baseball games in South Florida.


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