Lynne Venart, Lemur Conservation Network

Listen in as Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) interviews Lynne Venart, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Lemur Conservation Network.

About Lynne: Lynne has been a consultant for a variety of nonprofit organizations in branding, marketing, and web design for over 15 years. At the Lemur Conservation Network, she bridges the gap between scientists and the general public, raising awareness for Madagascar’s unique biodiversity and the importance of conserving lemurs and their habitat. She encourages fans of lemurs and the earth to be active voices in the fight to save our natural resources!

The Lemur Conservation Network calls on lemur fans worldwide to join us in the fight to save lemurs from extinction. The Network unites over 40 organizations who are working to protect Madagascar’s lemurs with people who want to support the cause. It is an online guide for individuals and potential donors who want to support lemur conservation, and a resource for organizations who want to promote their work. The Lemur Conservation Network blog engages the public in lemur conservation and promotes lemur awareness worldwide.

In this podcast, Lynne will share just what makes Madagascar unique, and how over 100 species of lemurs evolved on this island in the Indian Ocean. We’ll explore Madagascar’s amazing biodiversity and varied landscapes, and learn how scientists and organizations are working on the ground in Madagascar to protect this beautiful island and the fascinating creatures that call it home.


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