Mallie Rydzik, M.S., The Off-Road Millennial

Listen in as Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) interviews Mallie Rydzik, M.S., The Off-Road Millennial.

Mallie Rydzik, M.S., is a coach, writer, and speaker who works with fellow overeducated and underfulfilled Millennials to achieve work-life balance and turn their skillsets into thriving online businesses.

She is a recovering academic who dropped out of a Ph.D. program following a mental health breakdown, which led to diagnoses of obsessive-compulsive disorder, chronic depression, and binge eating disorder. This was the catalyst that drove her to rediscover life and work.

A scientist by trade, she uses a combination of her analytical and creative mind to help others identify both deficiencies and strengths in their lives and businesses. She writes and podcasts about the future of work, work-life balance, and online business strategy at The Off-Road Millennial.

Mallie is the author of the upcoming book, Owning It: How To Embrace The Best AND Worst Parts Of You To Thrive In Life And Business.


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