Michael DiFeo and Bojana Coklyat, Jersey City Artists

Listen is as Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) interviews Michael DiFeo and Bojana Coklyat, Jersey City Artists.

Bojana Coklyat is a local Jersey City artist who also teaches art at St. Josephs School for the Blind. She began the art program there when she herself became partially blind. She has adapted to her vision loss in her painting by using thick black outlines and bold vibrant colors. Her Subject matter ranges from octopus women, alien girls, to hot air balloon figures reflecting a sense of “The other.”

Michael DiFeo is also a local Jersey City Artist who teaches engineering and chess to children. He uses long exposure photography with gestural camera movement to create his images. His work is about the idosyncrasises of the medium and is also a visceral reaction to our world.

Bojana and Mike met when they were both exhibiting at an Art House art show two years ago. Due to how drastically different their work is they help each other venture into different artistic territory. Recently they have begun collaborating artistically and this has evolved into them creating “Artnest” which is their home gallery in Jersey City Heights.


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