Nick Ciavatta, Voice Over Artist and Journalist

Listen in as Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) interviews Nick Ciavatta.

About Nick Ciavatta:
Nick is an experienced voice-over artist and Journalist who has done work for Allegra, Dell Computers, Pandora Radio, NBC, Everbank, Thompson’s Water Seal, Clear Eyes, Charlie Rose, Sears, Bloomberg, Discovery Channel, Universal Music and more. He is available for documentaries, radio and TV commercials and narration, as well as web site and phone announcements. Nick also offers private voice over lessons which cover technique, how to audition, how to get work and the general “ins and outs” of the voice acting business. Nick is also a musician and live music promoter.

In this interview you’ll learn what it’s like being a musician in Jersey City today; how the events and venues keeping growing; hear about Nick’s band, Sea of Otters, and others he’s been in; who his influences were (and are); his favorite voice over projects and teaching voice over acting to others; and much more!

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