Jay Boucher, Game Designer, Teacher and Artist

Join Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) as she interviews Jay Boucher, game designer, teacher and artist.

About Jay Boucher:

Jay Boucher has been creating online games for kids with the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation, notably a game for his book The Snowy Day. He’s really interested in making web sites and games that are entertaining and look great. You can see some of his games here: http://jayboucher.com/work/game-design/

Jay has also taught drawing and game design to kids in Hoboken and Jersey City. He thinks it’s important for kids to learn creative thinking and board game design can help in that regard. They can learn to develop long term creative goals, write stories and create their own rules.

His blog is http://hobokenpudding.com and he has documentation of work from his game design classes.

Here are some: http://hobokenpudding.com/2012/06/board-game-design-success/


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