JoAnn Forrester and Bonnie DiCarlo, co-founders of Celebrate & Share

Listen in as Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) interviews JoAnn R. Forrester and Bonnie DiCarlo, co-founders of Celebrate & Share. We discuss Pittsburgh’s most celebrated and accomplished women. March is Women in History Month and so this show is especially to highlight this fabulous event.

About Celebrate & Share:
In 2002 Bonnie DiCarlo co-founded with JoAnn Forrester, Celebrate & Share, a Pennsylvania organization. Celebrate & Share’s mission is to honor women in our region, Pennsylvania, and raise funds for non-profits that help women and children. Some of the recipients of the Celebrate & Share fund raising are Cribs for Kids (a Pittsburgh non-profit,) Dress for Success, National Transplant Fund. Tomorrow’s Future, Inc (organization to raise the image and self esteem of high school students entering higher education and/or the job market.

The Women of Achievement Award was established in March 2006 during women’s History Month to honor the women of Pittsburgh who contribute so much to our community and established the foundation of a Women’s Hall of Achievement in in Pennsylvania. Over 200 women have been honored by Celebrate & Share. This year our charity of choice is Cribs for Kids for the 2014 Celebrate & Share Women of Achievement Event. An organization who has been a leader in our nation for the reduction of Sids and the Back to Sleep Campaign. In addition each year Celebrate & Share celebrates the passage of the 19th amendment. 2014 is no exception. We will again celebrate Women’s Right to Vote in the U.S.A. during the month of August on August 26, 2014.

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