Joe Kelaher, Photographer

Join Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) as she interviews Joe Kelaher, Photographer.

About Joe:
Joe Kelaher has been passionate about photography for nearly 30 years. It has been only over the last 2 years that he has taken it to the professional level. With the exception of a few film developing classes back in his high school / college days he has absolutely no formal training other than pure experience.

Photography for Joe is not just a job or hobby, it’s a passion, a pure high speed creative adrenalin surge. Every photo he takes is a personal piece of art.

He does not adhere to one particular style since his photography tends to be more artistic than journalistic, He is more concerned about drawing emotion than telling a story.

Joe Kelaher is currently a resident of Bayonne NJ and can be contacted at JoeK@JAK-Imaging.Org or 201-589-9245.


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