Joe Pepitone, JoepeP, Automotive Illustrator

Listen in as Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) interviews Joe Pepitone (JoepeP), Automotive Illustrator.

Joe Pepitone, or as he is known in the graphic arts world, JoepeP, was born in New Jersey and has lived in Connecticut since 1983. He married his wife Dawn in 1991 and they have two children together. As a child, he would draw on anything he could get his hands on, even the cardboard inserts from his father’s new T-shirts.

JoepeP attended Middlesex County College in Edision, New Jersey and earned a degree in Marketing, Art, and Design in June 1977. Soon after graduation, he started as a production artist and worked his way up the ladder to Art Director at Spindler Productions, a New York City based multi-media company, where he met the movers and shakers of Madison Avenue.

In 1983, an opportunity knocked and JoepeP was hired as an account executive at one of New York City’s top typography firms, Pastore, dePamphiles and Rampone. One of the perks of working at PDR was that he got to work with graphic design greats such as Paul Rand, Jim Miho, Bradbury Thomas, and many more. As time went on, the typography industry changed with the introduction of electronic publishing.

Clients became competitors and JoepeP knew he had to switch gears and look to another industry. As luck would have it, in October 1989, Archie Comics Publications was in need of an art director and JoepeP fit the bill. In the 20 years that he was with Archie, hundreds of comic books and graphic novels were produced and designed by him.
While JoepeP was holding a full time position at Archie comics, he started to develop a style of illustration using Adobe Illustrator around 1990. He worked on freelance assignments from logo brand design and editorial illustration to automotive portraits.

JoepeP always loved the Art Deco style of design and the look of the 1930’s WPA posters (Work Projects Administration). These posters were a major influence with JoepeP’s current illustrations and are the reason why he uses bold, bright colors and pays close attention to every detail.

In July 2009, Hemmings Classic Car magazine came across JoepeP’s automotive portraits and soon his work was featured in the auto art section of this prominent automotive magazine. In the summer of 2010, JoepeP was commissioned by both the Utah and Garden State Concours d’-Elegance as well as the Merritt Parkway Conservancy to illustrate posters for their events.
With every automotive portrait JoepeP illustrates, he makes it a point to have the person who is looking at his work feel as if they have traveled back in time and are a part of the picture. He always goes for the “WOW” factor.
Today JoepeP illustrates for private automotive collectors, in his new studio in Wilmington, North Carolina and is expanding into licensing of his automotive prints.


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