Johanna Marshall, Music Composer, Actor, Dancer

Join Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) as she interviews Johanna Marshall, Music composer, musician, dancer, and actor.

About Johanna Marshall:

Johanna Marshall inquisitively yet gracefully beamed down to earth and arrived in the Bronx, New York. Her early years were spent writing music to poetry and then proceeded to compose ballads and specialty material for anyone who would listen.

In 1977, in order to pursue her ambitions, she made the move to California and showcased her songs at every “open mic” night and various clubs that would accommodate her. Although playing the piano and composing songs were Johanna’s first passion, the actor within was patiently waiting to scale the creative walls. After taking the route of being an ‘extra’, she progressed to short and independent films.

In 1996 her ambitions came to a halt when she was burned in an arson fire. In 2007, as a means to get back into the creative loop, Johanna wrote and performed her one woman show “Embraceable Hue”; a play textured with music, song and dance, based on that chapter of her life.

She is most proud of her recent venture as Head Nurse Gertrude in the silent feature film SILENT LIFE; based on the life and death of Rudolph Valentino, due to premiere in September 2014. Johanna will always gravitate to a piano and may compose while the world is sleeping, but as an actor she is boundless and infinite.


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