Kevin Spyker, Certified Healing Foods Specialist

Listen in as Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) interviews Kevin Spyker, Certified Healing Foods Specialist.

Kevin Spyker is a Certified Healing Foods Specialist based in downtown Jersey City. His focus is to help us unlock the powerful potential of the human body to regenerate and thrive by incorporating nutrient-dense meals and ancestral methods of preparation. Having studied the diets of indigenous cultures from around the world, Kevin now shares this intrinsic wisdom to broaden our perspectives about what we eat.

With his community project known as Culture Den, Kevin and his partners connect consumers to local, sustainable food sources, and teach them how to prepare meals for optional nutrition. Beyond personal counseling and workshops, Culture Den is a resource for do-it-yourself strategies that reduce household toxins and wasteful packaging. They demystify our microbiome, the web of symbiotic life-forms within us. Discover how traditional fermentation creates “living foods” that bolster our immune system. By understanding the role of these microbes in our bodies, sourcing high quality foods, and detoxifying our homes, we can learn to achieve and maintain vibrant health.

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Culture Den mission statement:

Culture Den is a comprehensive wellness organization, specializing in education of traditional healing foods, workshops on culinary techniques, as well as resources for green living and detoxifying daily life. As Healing Foods Specialists, we will help people unlock the powerful potential of the human body to heal and thrive by incorporating nutrient-dense meals and ancestral methods of preparation. We feel food is worthy of celebration, and has the power to bring people together in the name of good health.

Our services include one-on-one counseling, group meetings, fermentation workshops, dinner events, kitchen make-overs, shopping guidance and connecting consumers directly to farm-fresh foods. We are fully trained and certified by Immunitrition (NYC).

Together we can explore your relationship to food, past and present, in order to help you achieve and maintain vibrant health. We will educate you about the facts of our modern diet, lead you to the highest quality sources of food, and teach you how to prepare them for optional nutrition. We will demystify the process of fermentation and discover how “living food” plays an important role in enhancing our diet.

We believe the very best quality food comes directly from local farms. As advocates for sustainable food producers, we strive to become a vital resource for our community.

During our counseling and events we share fascinating knowledge of ancestral ways, especially the studies of Dr. Weston Price. This prominent dentist journeyed to remote corners of the globe to explore the diets of indigenous cultures. With this wisdom we can allow our bodies to heal and thrive like our ancestors, and we can steer ourselves towards a sustainable future.


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