Rosa da Silva, Author of Jabujicaba: The Heart of Brazil

Listen in as Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) interviews Rosa da Silva, Author of Jabujicaba: The Heart of Brazil.

Jabujicaba is a campaign seeking to engage people’s hearts with their natural world through a piece of fiction. The eco-thriller Jabujicaba has been written under the pseudonym of Rosa da Silva, both because it is a twist to the plot and because the author does not want attention to focus on her. The novel is set in Brazil and there is an engagement campaign around its publication relating to the World Cup and the Olympics.The book is meant to become a ‘must read’ for all those sports fans heading for Brazil.

The author’s ultimate and longer-term aim is to reach the widest audience possible by Jabujicaba becoming a movie – a ‘green Indiana Jones.’ The author’s royalties all go to conservation relating to the rainforest in Brazil where the book is set. If the movie is a success, the aim is to fund and reward a wider range of creative projects which support Brazil’s rainforest. A not-for-profit organisation called Voices for Nature has just been founded for this purpose.

Full written eco-interview coming soon on Frogs Are Green.


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