Yankees and the Love of Baseball Brings Together Two Women Business Owners

I first met Leigh-Ann Brady a few years ago through a colleague. She contacted me needing advice on her brand, products and overall web presence. As we talked business and would email and tweet, we also discovered our love of baseball and the New York Yankees. Soon much of our talking back and forth is a mix of business and baseball and sometimes while watching the game!

Leigh-Ann has followed the educational webinar series on Broadcast Louder for years and now also listens to my Suzy Brandtastic interview series on Talkshoe Radio.

When you find people who have similar passions it really bonds the relationship and that all important trust factor is established. Yes we’re both die-hard Yankee fans, but we’re also serious about having successful businesses. It gives us a solid base so that all our conversations aren’t 100% business and that helps build the mentor/mentee relationship even more.

Remember when new potential clients or vendors would take you out, wine and dine you and want to create that bond (I’m thinking about Mad Men, the TV show on advertising, as an example.) It was all for the purpose of building a foundation and feeling like “buds” so you could then get down to business.

Today we still meet in-person and create JV (joint ventures) and look for those like-minded people on social media.

The way we get there may have changed a bit, but it’s still working, and well!

Yankees Baseball - Photo from Salon.com

Yankees Baseball - Photo from Salon.com


In asking Leigh-Ann to describe how I have mentored her, she wrote this:

My love of baseball and the New York Yankees brought me in touch with my mentor. 

Being a die hard Yankee fan you come across all walks of life but I never thought being a fan would help me build my small business.

I met Susan, my mentor initially through a mutual friend. While discussing things here and there, I discovered Susan loved the Yankees as much as I do. Between discussions through email, on social media, Twitter and Facebook our topics are just two: baseball and business. Over the years Susan has helped me in so many ways, such as:

– how to write a great blog post by picking a topic and thinking of it as I am writing in my journal or diary. It really helps ease the process of blogging and gets rid of writers block.

– taught me that by linking my website to social networks I will get a broader audience (global brand visibility) and more views on my site.

I also try to tune into to every webcast she has and I have just finished her course on UDEMY.com.

My sales have picked up tremendously since I have met Susan. Not only do I consider her my mentor, but a good friend that I can catch up and talk baseball with.

Leigh-Ann Brady (Mentee)

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