PowerPoint Design

You’re launching a start-up, organization or nonprofit and it’s time to pitch to investors. You’ve prepared the important touch points those investors need to know.

Or, perhaps you are an author or entrepreneur and struggling with your PowerPoint slides? They need to be solid and ready right away for your next speaking gig?

I understand. Your slide deck looks terrible. (I have seen so many PowerPoint presentations with typos, text that runs off the slide, too much content no one can read, badly used or cropped images, etc.)

What you need is a branding designer who will create something so powerful, the audience or investors are not only impressed, but buy what you are selling!

Call or email Susan today and make the difference in your next meeting or presentation!

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2 thoughts on “PowerPoint Design

  1. Michael Macari

    Looking for creative design and execution of a company-wide PowerPoint training presentation. Samples?

    Thank you!


  2. Susan Post author

    Hi Michael, I believe I have a few samples in the galleries. Just email directly if you wish to talk further.

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