Social Media Graphics and other Branded Communications

Once your branding/identity has been created and your website/blog built, incorporating that same color palette, logo, typography and imagery, it’s time to brand your company across social media and in all the ways you communicate with current clients and future clients.

This builds a memorable, identifiable brand and sticks in the mind of visitors as they see the same or similarly branded graphic images wherever they go.

Be aware that some of these graphics are tricky to create perfectly, and you would need the help of a graphic design professional. For example, YouTube/Google requests a graphic at 2560 x 1440 pixels, then also crops it for mobile devices, so if not designed to work for all three types of viewing, you’ll be struggling.

Here’s a list of what should be created to compliment your new branding and website:

  • Facebook company cover and profile images
  • Facebook buttons that lead to custom company pages and offers, that include an email opt-in, video and/or galleries, contests, etc.
  • Google+ company cover image
  • LinkedIn company cover image
  • Twitter background/header images
  • YouTube channel header image
  • Pinterest assorted boards that showcase your passions as well as products and services
  • Newsletter templates: one for a monthly newsletter, one for a quick blast about a special offer or new blog post
  • Business cards that have social media accounts listed, preferably Twitter handle and Facebook company link

Below is a gallery showcasing some of the recent social media branding and communication design, so Talk to us today by email or phone Susan at 201-420-8205, about building your “internet of everything.”

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