How to Disable New Subscriber Email in WordPress

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Susan, from Susan Newman Design, and we’re at Mission 50, in Hoboken, learning Word Press. In this video, we’re gonna learn how to disable new subscriber email in Word Press. We’re on a site that’s using Word Press for its content management system. And in this video we’re gonna learn how to disable new subscriber email in Word Press. So, let’s say for example you want to have a membership site. So I have installed in the plugin section a really cool, very easy to use membership plugin, and I’m gonna show you that, see it’s right here, membership. And if we zoom in, you’ll see it right here. And so the membership area gives you a whole slew of things that you can do. You can create different types of users, free users or membership users, and you can also specify what access privileges each of those has. So maybe for example your free users can read all your blog posts, but your members are gonna have a private area. So, you also want to have a page setup that’s for like people registering and paying every month, where they’re gonna fill that out. Now let’s say all these members are signing up because they can’t wait, but you don’t want to get emails every time somebody signs up. Well, there’s a really simple plugin you can add, that’s called disable new user notification, and all you have to do is install it and activate it, that’s how you disable new subscriber email in Word Press. I hope that tip was helpful, for more information visit me online at Susan Newman Design, thank you.

Tutorial created and presented by Susan Newman. Videography by Brandon Somerton. Content for Media Studios.

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