How to Set Up a Calendar Archive on WordPress

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Susan from Susan Newman Design. And we’re at Mission 50 in Hoboken, learning WordPress. In this video, we’re going to learn how to set up a calendar archive in WordPress. We’re on a site that’s using WordPress for its content management system. And now we’re going to learn how to setup a calendar archive on WordPress. As you can see, there’s an upcoming schedule of speakers. So, I want to show you how to use a really great plugin called the Calendar Plugin. So that you’ll be able to let people know what’s coming up. So, if we go to our Dashboard, and we scroll down to Plugins. I want you to open the Plugin section. And as I zoom in, I’m going to show you how I’ve installed the Calendar plugin. So, I want you to go to Add New and you’re going to put in here a calendar and you’re going to install the calendar plugin and you’re going to activate it. Next, you’ll see that you have a calendar section here. So, if we go to the Calendar section, it’s actually pretty easy to use. You just put in your title here. So, let’s say, me next, one of my next events is going to be, and I’ll put a little description here. Monique Johnson joins Broadcast Louder. All I have to do is put in the date and that’s going to be October 2nd. The time, it actually runs here in like a 24 hour clock. So, if it’s 3 PM in the afternoon, that’s going to 15:00 hours. It doesn’t repeat, but if you were to repeat, you could put in one week, two weeks, So, you put in the number up here. You can pick weeks, months, years, whatever works. And so, and if you have a specific link, let’s say you’re selling tickets. You could put the link in here and so, I’m going to save that. And now, if we go to our site. And as you see, if we go to the calendar page, we have one event on September 25th. And we go to the next month, we have our next event on October 2nd. And that’s how you setup a calendar archive in WordPress. I hope that tip was helpful. For more information, visit me online at Susan Newman Design , thank you.

Tutorial created and presented by Susan Newman. Videography by Brandon Somerton. Content for Media Studios.

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