Life and Career Infographics

Birthday milestone of 40 or 50? Retiring after a successful career?

How about a one-of-a-kind life and career infographic, showing the significant milestones, highlights, accomplishments, births and more in your loved one’s life!

We will design something original, help select the best photos, and can help write the copy too!

Below is one created as a surprise for Nelly’s at her 40th birthday party. Nelly is a wife, mom and teacher, so we were able to show vacations, graduations and even some candid moments . Sized at 11″ x 17″ and folded into an oversized tri-fold style brochure.

Have us create a timeline for you or someone special.

40th birthday graphic timeline of significant events

personal inforgraphic of important events

One thought on “Life and Career Infographics

  1. Tim Grau

    I am looking for something to celebrate our Pastor’s 40th year in ministry, and I love this concept. My due date is very short, and I need something to present on September 18.

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