Using YouTube Properly – Naming, Tagging, and Designing Your Channel to Match Your Branding

So many people love to watch YouTube videos. The real question is how does the public find your videos?

First, you want to upload the videos properly. Don’t make the videos too long, depending on the subject, I’d say they shouldn’t be more than 1-2 minutes… but when creating a tutorial like the ones below, sometimes they run a bit longer.

Once uploaded, be sure you are filling out the title, description and keywords, plus selecting which thumbnail you want, otherwise after the upload you must visit the link at top right under your “channel” name of “videos.” Then select the video to “edit” and change the name of the title, add a description and keywords. This will help others find you. Be sure to include your own name or the name of your company as well as your web address and add those keywords that will target the video, such as what someone might type in, not what you are calling it.

YouTube also gives you lots of other functionality, such as selecting from all your videos which to be featured, and in what order. What video should be loaded to play first when someone visits your channel.

In addition, be sure you have claimed the name of your channel, and style it to match your other branding.

Watch these two tutorial videos for YouTube

1- Naming and Tagging Videos Properly

2- Featured on MASHABLE! Designing your YouTube Channel to Match Your Branding


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