Spring 2020 – Reimagining The Workplace

We have been asked to stay at home. As a small business owner, I have been working from home since the mid-90s. However, I could freely meet friends and clients for coffee, lunch, etc. I could go out for errands or recreation anytime. I was also teaching part-time, a substitute in elementary school and separately teaching a nature + art class to children k-2, so that got me moving a few days a week and kept my mind busy with ideas of what to teach them.

Obviously, that has all changed. No school. Can’t see friends or extended family. No client meetings. No traveling. Avoid contact, 6 feet away from others. It’s so unnatural and feels awful. 

How can we reimagine our home/ work environment, so we don’t get stir-crazy? 

I do have the benefit of having worked from here before I started teaching, so I remember how I organized my hours, days, and months to keep the work moving along.

If you don’t have a white board, I suggest getting one so each day/week you can write goals down. Try to have goals for the week and then for each day. If you focus on moving forward and create ideas, projects, the days will pass and you will stay productive.

Since business is slow, I am working on two new books and developed a campaign to reach out to people online. These are helping me until more businesses realize they must PROMOTE and ADVERTISE even while their brick and mortar stores are closed. 

I have also been thinking about how I can best serve my clients during this stressful, uncertain time. I developed a simple campaign sending out short, 2-3 word messages everyday as a reminder of what’s important. (Below is an example).

My thoughts are with all of you that you and your family members are healthy and safe. If I can help or advise you, I am HERE.

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