WordPress Tips and Tricks – eHow Tech Video Series

WordPress Video Series for eHow / Demand Media Studios – Susan Newman, eHow expert technology presenter creates video tutorials to help YOU build a robust WordPress website and blog by attracting your exact target audience. Learn all sorts of Tips & Tricks in this video series. Contact Susan for personal WordPress coaching. (More videos currently in production, so bookmark this page!)


WordPress: How To Make a Tagged Profile – eHow WordPress Video Series. Susan shows you how tagging your profile to be SEO rich will make your page and content visible to those that search for you and your business online.


WordPress: How To Enable a WordPress Post on Facebook – eHow WordPress Video Series – Susan shows you how sharing your posts on Facebook is a great way to showcase your posts to a wider audience.


WordPress Tips & Tricks: How To Install & Collate a Database Table – eHow WordPress Video Series
Susan shows you how to easily add a table within a page or post by installing and using a simple plugin.


WordPress: How To Upload WordPress Widgets – eHow WordPress Video Series
Adding widgets allows you to expand the functionality of your site globally across pages and posts, such as adding SEO tools or bringing social media sharing and following to your website.


WordPress: How to Make a Blog Post Compilation – eHow Tech Video Series
Making a WordPress blog post compilation is something you might want to do to collect all posts on a specific topic. Turn your posts into a book!


WordPress: How to Automatically Notify Someone About a WordPress Blog – eHow Tech Series
Automatically notifying someone about your WordPress blog is something that you could set up through RSS feed settings and social media sharing.


WordPress: Transferring WordPress Posts to Google Buzz – eHow Tech Video Series
Learn how to share your latest posts a few different ways with Google Plus.


WordPress: How To Import ROI Calculations into WordPress – eHow Tech Video Series
Importing ROI calculations into WordPress is something you can do in a few different ways right from your main account page. Import ROI calculations into WordPress with Susan’s help.


WordPress Tips: How to Style a Subset of Pages With WordPress – eHow Tech Video Series by Susan Newman. Styling a subset of pages with WordPress is a great way to give your site an overall uniform look and feel.


WordPress: How To Div a Toggle Show/Hide on WordPress – eHow Tech Video Series
Toggling show and hide on WordPress is a great way to remove clutter from the site’s interface for visitors. Learn how from eHow Tech presenter, Susan.

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