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If your website is more than 4 years old, I doubt it’s responsive to mobile devices. Did you know that close to 20% may be viewing your website on an iPad, iPhone or another device like a Kindle Fire. According to Computer World, mobile viewers have tripled in the last 2 years and are on a steady climb. If your site needs a makeover, let’s talk about bringing your company up to speed. WordPress, Concrete5, or another CMS are the perfect platforms. Click to see a complete listing of clients’ live websites by industry. Contact Susan today for a 15 minute web presence consultation at 201-306-2618 or send Susan an email!

Body by Jean-Francois website design by Susan Newman of Jersey City

Website design/development for Body by Jean-Francois.

Century 21 Plaza Realty Corp - new website design by Susan Newman

Century 21 Plaza Realty - Your Neighborhood Specialist.

Marian Massaro, Voice Actor

Website design for Marian Massaro, Voice actor. Illustrations by Samantha Wise.

Balsam Group, interior designers in New York and Florida

Website/Blog for The Balsam Group.

New responsive Website for Santi Express Moving and Storage by Susan Newman Design

New responsive website for Santi Express Moving and Storage

GWS Contractors - Environmental Remediation Specialists
Chef Camillo Sabella - Website Design for Vegan Organic Gluten-Free Kosher-Style Chef in New York

Chef Camillo Sabella - Website Design for Vegan Organic Gluten-Free Kosher-Style Chef in New York. 2014 Award for web design from Graphic Design USA.

Hudson Play Occupational Therapy
Allstone Branding, Print marketing and Web Presence

Branding, Print Marketing, Social Media and Website/Blog design for Allstone, tile and stone importer.

Educational Arts Team - Responsive Wordpress website design

Branding, website and social media design for the Educational Arts Team in Jersey City.

Hudson County Coalition Branding and web presence

Branding, Social Media and Blog/Website design for the Hudson County Coalition.

Barack Obama - Audacity of Hope website design
Lois Bender art - Gardenspirits NY - branding and web presence

Branding and website design for watercolor artist, Lois Bender and Gardenspirits NY.

Live Your Personal Legend - Geanine Thompson

Branding, Powerpoint graphics and website/blog design for Geanine Thompson, Live Your Own Legend.

Mary Anne Sacco - teacher and author

Branding, website, social media and print marketing for Mary Anne Sacco, educator.

WedNet Wedding website design
Kennebunkport Lobster Company - website designs
Mistral Cruises - website design and development
Webbanovella - website design

Branding and website/blog design for Webbanovella.

Julie Steelman branding, marketing , book cover design and website design
FB Lake Financial Group - website design
Equis-capital-partners-website-design-2016-900px thumbnail
Body-by-Jean-Francois-hmpg-by-Susan-Newman-Design-Jersey-City-webdesigner-crop thumbnail
century-21-plaza-realty-website-by-susan-newman-design-portfolio thumbnail
NERC-web-newsite-screenshot thumbnail
Marian-Massaro-voice-actor-web-design-by-susan-newman thumbnail
Sovereign-Logistics-new-website-design-2016 thumbnail
riesner-consulting-website-design-2016-by-Susan-Newman thumbnail
Balsam-Group-web-design-susan-newman-newman thumbnail
LGRIP-homepg-design thumbnail
New-Salz-consulting-web-design-with-mobile thumbnail
Santi-NEW-SNDI-Web-Design-2014-700px thumbnail
GWS-Contractors-NJ-website-650px thumbnail
Chef-Camillo-Sabella-Website-Design thumbnail
hudson-play-occupational-therapy-website-650px thumbnail
allstone-rebranding-web-social thumbnail
educational-arts-team-web-750px thumbnail
Hudson-County-Coalition-web-750 thumbnail
Barack-Obama-Audacity-of-Hope-Web-design-750 thumbnail
lois-bender-art-website-design-750 thumbnail
Live-Legend-2011 thumbnail
Mary-Anne-Sacco-web thumbnail
wednet-wedding-website-design-750 thumbnail
KLC-web-design thumbnail
Mistral-designs-web thumbnail
webbanovella-375px thumbnail
Julie-Steelman-grp1 thumbnail
FBLake-grp-091511 thumbnail

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