Hootsuite and Twitter Video Tutorials – Short and Sweet Tips from @sndinc

Everybody is tweeting. You want to get into Twitter and Hootsuite and find out what all the fuss is about.

When you open Twitter and create your account, you can customize certain things, such as the color palette and you can add a custom designed background. If you do want a custom background, it’ll be a little tricky to get your logo or other info like a web address along that left side, so it’s visible and not covered by the content page. I suggest the logo and copy is no wider than 100-150 pixels. The background will also look a bit different depending on the size of the monitor it’s viewed on. For example, I have different size monitors to my different computers. On one, the smaller, I won’t see much of the background, and on the large wide screen I’ll see the background repeating a second time. So, if you do not want any text or logos and just a pattern for a smooth tiling of the background graphic repeating, make sure that all four sides match up and the background will be seamless.

Now, once you’ve created your customize look for Twitter, you’ll want to open an account with Hootsuite. From this point on you may not need to open Twitter anymore and can manage your account here.

The best features about Hootsuite are:

1- You can have multiple “handles” which means more than one name and can manage each profile here

2- You can schedule tweets for any of those handles all in advance, so you can set up tweets for a few days or a week

3- You can review who’s following you and follow them back

4- It has a nicely displayed page showing, the feed, mentions, direct messages, pending tweets, and sent tweets all at once

5- Newest feature is “Klout” and the ability to filter the followers by their score

***Bonus tip! From the Twitter expert Ted Rubin… Make your Tweets only 120-122 characters, instead of 140. Why? Because you want your Tweets retweeted and you want to give people a little wiggle room so they can add their own comment. If you tweet at 140 characters and then people want to retweet, they have to edit your tweet! So keep it short and sweet and it will be retweeted and the integrity of the tweet will remain.

Check out these little tutorial videos I created for more details.



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