Brand Interview – Bonnie Stern, Cupie Loves, LLC and Sex Butter

Brand Interview – Bonnie Stern, Cupie Loves, LLC and Sex Butter

Bonnie Stern

How long has your company been in business? Please tell us a bit about your company, its mission, goals…
Cupie Loves, LLC, which owns the product Sex Butter, began in 2008.  Sex Butter was in the research & development stages until the end of 2010 and the product just became available for retail consumption in January 2011.  August 2011 will be our first actual promotional launch.

Cupie Loves, LLC – Visions/Missions

The Alchemist’s Vision:

“My personal vision is to see women as the iconic symbol of love, respect, potential, and equilibrium. Their sensual being divinely inspired to live life to its fullest. Women have long been in a place of sensual disrespect. Time for that to change.

Placed within this product is the true reverence for the feminine and masculine… the balance of sensual performance, the burst of joy and ecstasy, which produces the healing chemistry for a healthier body.”

Bonnie’s Vision:

“My vision behind Sex Butter and Cupie Loves is to create and market products that are loving, sensual, healthy, healing, empowering, and make people and animals feel their best.”


“My vision for our products and company is to stay tuned into the desire for organic, clean, wholesome products that actually do what they say they will do free from side effects to the human, animal, or planet. I have long wanted to make a difference in the organic world and this takes me to that difference.”

Cupie Loves’ Goals are to make a positive difference in the lives of couples worldwide so that they spread the love around while the company and owners are positively abundant and successful.

Do you donate to charities? Tell us about that also and why.
Yes, we have already donated to several charities over $1,500 each to: Abused Women and Relay for Life (Cancer) even though we are not currently making money.  All of us feel that it’s important to help others less fortunate to make a positive difference in the world and hopefully set an example for others to do the same. It’s important to give back.

How did you know what typeface (font) would be right for your company wordmark or logo? If your logo has an illustration, describe why that art was the right thing, animal, place, object, etc...
Our designer, went for artwork and fonts that felt feminine, flowing, beautiful, simple, elegant, felt good and pleasing, since those are the qualities of the product.

How did you decide on the right color palette to fit your company look and feel?
I wanted colors that were feminine yet a man would not be turned off too so I focused on deep raspberry with black font and we will have silver on our travel packets coming soon!

Sex Butter by Cupie Loves, LLC

In what order did you present your company to the world? Did you start with marketing and products, or website, blog and social media?
Website, blog and social media.

How long after the launch of your company did you start pitching in social media?
I’m just about to start so it will end up being 8-9 months.

Sex Butter website header

Did you do research or study any software, take webinars, teleclasses, before approaching any area of your marketing or web presence?
Yes, LOTS! Shopping cart software was important, I’ve taken several teleclasses, and in person classes as well as individual and intensive coaching on several occasions.

Do you advertise locally in newspapers and/or nationally in magazines? Are they effective?

Do you advertise online using Google, Facebook or on other company sites? Are they effective?
Not yet on advertising… Starting this month, August 2011.

When you printed your products, packaging, business cards and other print marketing did you choose an online printer or visit a local vendor?
I used two vendors online for printed material like business cards and labels.  Both companies I have worked with before so I trust the quality of their production.  Packaging was also found online through various vendors.

Did you know anything about different types of papers, when you wanted to print your marketing materials?
Yes, it is very important to pick quality paper that holds up. I picked our business cards to be on a nice silky stock that is larger than a standard business card so that is stands out in a stack.

Have you ever used “green” technology in printing, using FSC certified papers or recycled paper and if not, how likely are you at trying this on a next project?
We have not to date, but if we are ever presented with the options to do so from our vendors, we will always consider the planet in our choices.

If you sell products, are they produced in the USA or abroad?
Both USA and abroad.

Is there anything you haven’t yet tackled, but will want to do soon?
Get the marketing going.. we are in process.

More social media connecting and spreading the word.

Television talk show connections.

Getting out there and speaking.


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