How To Meet the Media

Last night I attended my first “Meet the Media.” I was so excited to meet the representatives from The Genesis Group (organizer), Huffington Post Live, NBC News and Infusion Soft. There were 49 other entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries including: health and wellness, space frontier education, publishing, public relations, marketing, and branding. We each had 20-25 seconds to stand up and introduce ourselves to all.

I had been practicing what I was going to say, but I tell you now, do as I say, not as I do. I learned so much about what I didn’t do right, by listening to the other business owners talk about their own mission and goals.

I had paired down what I do to three short statements, but I didn’t go into any depth on any of them.

I always say, pick one topic, stick with it and others will know you for that. If you speak passionately, others will get the real you. Then they will then be repeating your own words to others. So why didn’t I do that?

I guess because we each had a very limited time to speak and I wanted them to know the three businesses, but in reality with that short amount of time, it would have been better to go into more depth about just one thing. They needed to see my passion, my drive, what makes me tick. So, I am going to write out a few different statements about each business, think about those key points and next time I will be focused and deliver.

Luckily afterward, I was able to mingle with the media and took the opportunity to go into more depth about one thing. Now to watch the Broadcast Louder webinar from this past wednesday with guest Rick Brown, communication expert to gain insight and then to follow up with the media by email about the angle I’ve got for them.

meet the media february 2013

meet the media organized by the genesis group in ny