Having a Great Brand Is One of the Best Online Marketing Tactics

Does your business’s potential seem to be in a slump? You could always hire more staff, remodel your business or buy new tech. But those tactics are expensive.

Just so you know, you aren’t by yourself when it comes to stagnation. Businesses lose their momentum and forfeit their share of revenue unless they take tactical measures to accelerate their operations.

You can catapult your businesses using low-cost marketing tactics. By focusing on reaching your existing customers through social media platforms and other avenues, you brand your company in the eyes of the public and, in consequence, you position your business for exponential growth.

Social media can expand your business

Social Media Examiner published a 2016 study reporting that 90% of the 5,000 surveyed participants said social media marketing is important. And when businesses regularly engage with their followers, they get results because social media marketing increases traffic and exposure, generates leads, improves sales, and helps increase brand awareness.

By using social media platforms, business owners not only build a community of followers and encourage engagement, they provide valuable content so customers come back, and they have a place to show off their product or service as to convince buyers to keep looking.

Entrepreneurs go where customers hang out at Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other major sites, and one of the hottest social media trends is using live videos like Facebook Live, Periscope and Stories to interact with customers.

Then too, social media outreaches are a less expensive form of advertising to provide

personalized attention to your customers. And they also provide tools to calculate your return on investment.

Having a recognizable brand is essential to success

Branding your product or service is a marketing tactic in itself that works in your favor because when it stands out among the competition, customers remember. Nearly everyone has a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer to communicate with others and shop. With online shopping in the U.S. projected by Statistica.com to increase to 230.5 million in 2021, business owners have an opportunity to get their brand noticed.

A brand strategy involves being creative in how you promote content. Here’s a tip: Your brand should tell a story and solve a problem for customers. When information about your product or service induces emotions, you’re well on your way to win a customer’s loyalty.

Have you ever watched a movie and identified with the main character’s vision? That’s what a great brand does. It touches customer’s emotions and inspires them to purchase a product or service to enhance their lives. Essentially, the customer is “branded” by your product or service’s appeal. When that happens, you’ll wake up one morning and have a loyal following of customers.

Wendy’s: a family brand

Take a look at Dave Thomas’s example. In 1969 he started the fast-food chain Wendy’s. He was orphaned at six weeks old and knew the importance of family. So, he named his restaurant chain after his daughter Melinda Lou, nicknamed Wendy. Initially, he branded Wendy’s by opening the first pick-up window, drive through. His goal was to attract joyriders and cruisers with fast, hearty food, in a family setting. The idea worked. His business grew and now, customers know that Wendy’s uses fresh, never frozen beef.

Get on board with online marketing tactics

Sweat equity pays off when you or someone else spends 10-20 hours per week using marketing  tactics to wow customers. Online marketing strategies can boost your business’s revenue and open doors for future growth. Make sure to read the post mentioned above to implement more marketing tactics to drive sales.

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