Book Covers and Interior Design

Pirate's Gold by Andrew Coe - book cover and interior book design by Susan Newman Design
A Storm Within by Daniel Hill Zafren
Mysterious Music by Vera Williams and Jennifer Williams, 8 page prototype for forthcoming picture book designed by Susan Newman Design
Right Sight - A Murder Mystery by Daniel Hill Zafren
Definitive Guide to Local Public Finance in New Jersey by Peter O'Reilly - cover design by Susan Newman Design
Frogs & Company by Mark Lerer and Susan Newman Lerer
A Gray Voyager by Daniel Hill Zafren

A Gray Voyager by Daniel Hill Zafren, published by Time Treasures Books.

Fantastic Frogs by Susan Newman Lerer
Network Secret by Daniel Hill Zafren - Time Treasures Books
Sword of Midnight by Rowan Hadley - Designed for the 2015 NaNoWriMo
Vain Regrets by Daniel Hill Zafren, book cover and book interior design by Susan Newman

Vain Regrets by Daniel Hill Zafren, book cover and book interior design by Susan Newman. Published by Time Treasures Books.

For the Love of Spotty by Suzonne Underwood. Book cover design by Susan Newman.

For the Love of Spotty by Suzonne Underwood. Book cover design by Susan Newman.

Dominate - How Smart Lawyers Crush the Competition by Tamar Cerafici
Unfinished Thinking by Daniel Hill Zafren - Book cover design by Susan Newman
Transformation America by Rob Fletcher
Nanny: A Memoir of Love and Secrets by Nancy Salz
WILD - Young Poets on Northwest New Jersey - Art direction, book cover and interior design
Wish Winds by Daniel Hill Zafren
Ask Dr. Gramma Karen - book cover and interior design
Heart Wink by Suzonne Underwood
Hawthorne Bush by Suzonne Underwood
Weighing My Options by Suzonne Underwood
Celtic Teas with Friends - award winning book cover and interior design
The Little BRIC Book by Brandi Moore - Book cover and interior design
Thorsten Kaye's A Solid Wheel of Colored Ribbons - children's book cover and interior design
Anthony Hopkins
Baseball Encyclopedia
SAT Math for the Clueless
James Earl Jones
Conversations with Mariilyn
Fragments of a Journal
Freud - Sexuality and the Psychology of Love
John Gielgud - Acting Shakespeare
Macmillan Visual Dictionary
My Mother's Southern Kitchen
Primo Levi - Survival in Auschwitz
Simone de Beauvoir - The Prime of Life
Teen Treks - great art camps for kids and teens
How Does the Sun Make weather - children's book cover and interior design
Roberto Clemente - book cover and interior design
Katherine Graham - Women of Achievement Series
Joan of Arc - Women of Achievement Series
Martha Stewart - Women of Achievement Series
Cleopatra - Women of Achievement Series
Diane Sawyer - Women of Achievement Series
Good Parents raise Great Kids
How Green was My Valley
Portofino by Frank Schaeffer
Voices of Silence by Frank Bianco
Third Indsutrial Revolution
Greatest Sales Stories Ever Told From the World's Best Salespeople
Literary Cryptograms
Adventures in Arabia
The Black Heart
Love and the Caribbean
On a Chinese Screen
Don Fernando
The Donkey Inside
The Gentleman in the Parlour
Hot Countries
Hunters of the Great North
Journey to a War
Letters from Iceland
The Lonely Sea and the Sky
Ride on the Wind
The Magic Island
Pirates-Gold-cover-FINAL-041421-1200px thumbnail
Storm-Within-FINAL-cover-032121-1200px thumbnail
Mysterious-Music-sample-cover thumbnail
Right-Sight-cover-social-1400px thumbnail
Finance-NJ-FullCover.indd thumbnail
Frogs-Company-cover-Newman-Lerer thumbnail
Gray-Voyager-Final-cover.indd thumbnail
Fantastic-Frogs-cover1 thumbnail
Network-Secret-front-coverF thumbnail
rainforest-frogs-frontcover-103016 thumbnail
p-game-front-cover-final-blue thumbnail
Sword-of-Midnight-cover-by-Susan-Newman-Design-72dpi thumbnail
Vain-Regrets-Zafren-Final-book-cover-1000px thumbnail
Love-Spotty-Front-CoverF-1000px thumbnail
Dominate-Tamar-Fcover-Final-blur2-1000px thumbnail
Unfinished-front-coverF-1000px thumbnail
Transform-America-bookcover-Final thumbnail
Nanny-Book-Branding-Nancy-Salz-700px thumbnail
WILD-book-design thumbnail
Wish-Winds-front-cover thumbnail
Ask-Dr-Gramma-Karen-book-design-7501 thumbnail
Heart-Wink-front-cover-1000px thumbnail
Hawthorne-Bush-cover-1000px thumbnail
Weighing-My-Options-cover-1000px thumbnail
Celtic-Teas-with-friends-book-750 thumbnail
Little-BRIC-Book-cover-and-interior-design-750 thumbnail
Thorsten-Kaye-solid-wheel-colored-ribbons-book thumbnail
anthony-hopkins-cover-375 thumbnail
baseball-encyclopedia-375 thumbnail
cilantro-cover-375 thumbnail
clueless-math-cover-375 thumbnail
James-Earl-cover-front-back-500x380 thumbnail
conversations-marilyn-375 thumbnail
Fragments-Journal-cover-375 thumbnail
freud-sexuality-375 thumbnail
john-gielgud-cover-375 thumbnail
macmillan-visual-dictionary-375 thumbnail
mothers-southern-kitchen-375 thumbnail
primo-levi-cover-375 thumbnail
simone-de-beauvior-375 thumbnail
teen-treks-375 thumbnail
how-does-sun-make-weather-book-750 thumbnail
Roberto-Clemente-book-design-750 thumbnail
Katherine-Graham-womens-series-book-cover-525px thumbnail
Joan-of-Arc-womens-series-book-cover-525px thumbnail
Martha-Stewart-womens-series-book-cover-525px thumbnail
Cleopatra-womens-series-book-cover-525px thumbnail
Diane-Sawyer-womens-series-book-cover-525px thumbnail
good-parents-raise-great-kids-davidson-550px thumbnail
How-green-was-my-valley-525px thumbnail
Portofino-frank-schaeffer-cover-550px thumbnail
Voices-of-Silence-frank-bianco-550px thumbnail
3rd-industrial-rev-375 thumbnail
greatest-salespeople-cover-375 thumbnail
literary-cryptograms-375 thumbnail
Arabia thumbnail
BlackHeart thumbnail
Caribbean thumbnail
ChineseScreen thumbnail
DonFernando thumbnail
DonkeyInside thumbnail
Gentleman-in-the-Parlour-360px thumbnail
HotCountries thumbnail
HuntersGreatNo thumbnail
JourneytoaWar thumbnail
LettersFrIceland thumbnail
LonelySea thumbnail
RideWind thumbnail
The-Magic-Island-360px thumbnail

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