Email Blast Design and Email Drip Campaigns

There is nothing more important than keeping your current clients and new followers informed on what your company is up to. If a potential client signs up for your email list, they are saying they are interested. So, if you do not respond and actually send emails, you are losing business.

Below are a few email blasts created for Travel Dynamics International advertising their wide variety of cruises and excursions. Each email was designed in both Photoshop for imagery and Dreamweaver for html coding.

Here are a few links to additional email newsletters and blasts:
HMT- Electric
Nirmala’s Kitchen 1
Nirmala’s Kitchen 2
Matthew Lesko 1
Matthew Lesko 2
In the drip campaign below in collaboration with Searchlight Group, you can see the graphics and web pages that were created and sent out in succession.

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