Email Blast Design and Email Drip Campaigns

There is nothing more important than keeping your current clients and new followers informed on what your company is up to. If a potential client signs up for your email list, they are saying they are interested. So, if you do not respond and actually send emails, you are losing business.

Below are a few email blasts created for Travel Dynamics International advertising their wide variety of cruises and excursions. Each email was designed in both Photoshop for imagery and Dreamweaver for html coding.

[portfolio_slideshow id=3901]

Here are a few links to additional email newsletters and blasts:
HMT- Electric
Nirmala’s Kitchen 1
Nirmala’s Kitchen 2
Matthew Lesko 1
Matthew Lesko 2
In the drip campaign below in collaboration with Searchlight Group, you can see the graphics and web pages that were created and sent out in succession.

[portfolio_slideshow id=3910]

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