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If your website is more than 4 years old, I doubt it’s responsive to mobile devices. Did you know that close to 20% may be viewing your website on an iPad, iPhone or another device like a Kindle Fire. According to Computer World, mobile viewers have tripled in the last 2 years and are on a steady climb. If your site needs a makeover, let’s talk about bringing your company up to speed. WordPress, Concrete5, or another CMS are the perfect platforms. Click to see a complete listing of clients’ live websites by industry. Contact Susan today for a 15 minute web presence consultation at 201-306-2618 or send Susan an email!

Steve Szynal website - design and development by Susan Newman Design

Steve Szynal website - design and development by Susan Newman Design

Seth Lerer, professor and author
Body by Jean-Francois website design by Susan Newman of Jersey City

Website design/development for Body by Jean-Francois.

Century 21 Plaza Realty Corp - new website design by Susan Newman

Century 21 Plaza Realty - Your Neighborhood Specialist.

Marian Massaro, Voice Actor

Website design for Marian Massaro, Voice actor. Illustrations by Samantha Wise.

Balsam Group, interior designers in New York and Florida

Website/Blog for The Balsam Group.

New responsive Website for Santi Express Moving and Storage by Susan Newman Design

New responsive website for Santi Express Moving and Storage

GWS Contractors - Environmental Remediation Specialists
Hudson Play Occupational Therapy
Allstone Branding, Print marketing and Web Presence

Branding, Print Marketing, Social Media and Website/Blog design for Allstone, tile and stone importer.

Educational Arts Team - Responsive Wordpress website design

Branding, website and social media design for the Educational Arts Team in Jersey City.

Hudson County Coalition Branding and web presence

Branding, Social Media and Blog/Website design for the Hudson County Coalition.

Barack Obama - Audacity of Hope website design
Lois Bender art - Gardenspirits NY - branding and web presence

Branding and website design for watercolor artist, Lois Bender and Gardenspirits NY.

Live Your Personal Legend - Geanine Thompson

Branding, Powerpoint graphics and website/blog design for Geanine Thompson, Live Your Own Legend.

Mary Anne Sacco - teacher and author

Branding, website, social media and print marketing for Mary Anne Sacco, educator.

WedNet Wedding website design
Kennebunkport Lobster Company - website designs
Mistral Cruises - website design and development
Webbanovella - website design

Branding and website/blog design for Webbanovella.

Julie Steelman branding, marketing , book cover design and website design
FB Lake Financial Group - website design
Steve-Szynal-homepage-design-1200px thumbnail
Seth-Lerer-hmpg-screenshot-091020 thumbnail
Equis-capital-partners-website-design-2016-900px thumbnail
Chef-Camillo-2016-hm-with-pic thumbnail
Body-by-Jean-Francois-hmpg-by-Susan-Newman-Design-Jersey-City-webdesigner-crop thumbnail
century-21-plaza-realty-website-by-susan-newman-design-portfolio thumbnail
NERC-web-newsite-screenshot thumbnail
Marian-Massaro-voice-actor-web-design-by-susan-newman thumbnail
Sovereign-Logistics-new-website-design-2016 thumbnail
riesner-consulting-website-design-2016-by-Susan-Newman thumbnail
Balsam-Group-web-design-susan-newman-newman thumbnail
LGRIP-homepg-design thumbnail
New-Salz-consulting-web-design-with-mobile thumbnail
Santi-NEW-SNDI-Web-Design-2014-700px thumbnail
GWS-Contractors-NJ-website-650px thumbnail
hudson-play-occupational-therapy-website-650px thumbnail
allstone-rebranding-web-social thumbnail
educational-arts-team-web-750px thumbnail
Hudson-County-Coalition-web-750 thumbnail
Barack-Obama-Audacity-of-Hope-Web-design-750 thumbnail
lois-bender-art-website-design-750 thumbnail
Live-Legend-2011 thumbnail
Mary-Anne-Sacco-web thumbnail
wednet-wedding-website-design-750 thumbnail
KLC-web-design thumbnail
Mistral-designs-web thumbnail
webbanovella-375px thumbnail
Julie-Steelman-grp1 thumbnail
FBLake-grp-091511 thumbnail

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