How to Install Buttons in a WordPress Header

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Susan from Susan Newman Design and we’re at Mission 50 in Hoboken Learning WordPress. In this video, we’re going to learn how to install buttons in our WordPress header. We’re on a site that’s using WordPress for its content management system and now we’re going to learn how to install buttons in a WordPress header. So the first thing I want you to do is I want you to go to your dashboard, log in and go to your dashboard and then once you’re there you’re going to go down to media over here, we’re going to upload just a little graphic button so you can see here I uploaded a little Facebook icon and once you have uploaded it then you’ll see right here is the URL to copy and paste. And so then what we’re going to do is we’re going to go back to our dashboard and we’re going to go under appearance and to editor and then once you are at the editor, you’re going to go to the right side over here and you’re going to select the header file. And once you do that and now I’m going to zoom in, I want to show you that this is the header file and what I did was I went to the top above the title and I just inserted some code right here and I’m going to highlight it so you can see it clearly and you’ll see that it has the address I want that button to go to on Facebook, image source and then I pasted in the URL to that little icon of Facebook that I had uploaded with a closing tag and you just put that copy in and send it where you want it to go and then once you’ve edited that, you just update the file and then once you do and you go back to your site and I’m going to show you what it shows the icon up here. Now let’s say you wanted to put a whole stream of them so then all you would do would be to do the same thing, just upload the other images and continue to add right here you would put a break and you’d put a space, this code is for space and then you would just start again, you would just start again and then start one that was maybe Twitter. And that’s how you put buttons in a WordPress header. I hope this video was helpful. For more information visit me online at Susan Newman Design. Thank you.

Tutorial created and presented by Susan Newman. Videography by Brandon Somerton. Content for Media Studios.

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