How to Make My WordPress Blog Visible to Members Only

Video Transcript

Hi. This is Susan from Susan Newman Design. And we’re at Mission 50 at Hoboken learning WordPress. In this video we’re going to learn how to make our WordPress blog visible to members only. We’re on a site that’s using WordPress for its content management system. And now we’re going to learn how to make our WordPress blog visible to members only. So let’s say you only want members to see your blog posts. The first thing you want to do is you want to go to the plug in section and you’re going to install a membership plug in. So let’s zoom in so you can see what we’re talking about. You’ll see here that I installed and activated a membership plug in. So now if we go to the members section and you’ll see that there’s all different pathways here that you can go to set it all up. But so I already created the free users and the members. But now let’s say I want to change the free users so that they don’t have access to my blog posts. So I’m going to go to edit and I’m going to remove the blog posts and the comments. And then I would update it and now they only have access to the pages on my site. So we’re going to update that and then we’re going to go to the members and we’re going to edit that and we’re going to make sure that the blog posts are in here, which they are. And that’s how you make your WordPress blog visible to members only. I hope that tip was helpful. For more information visit me online at Susan Newman Design. Thank you.

Tutorial created and presented by Susan Newman. Videography by Brandon Somerton. Content for Media Studios.

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