Why Facebook Needs An Upgrade, Which “Me” Are You Following?

Like most businesses, I have my company pages scattered across Facebook as well as pay occasionally for Facebook ads. This week it occurred to me that there was a huge flaw throughout Facebook and I decided to write about it and see whether others agree with me.

We are only allowed one profile account, but can have multiple company pages. However, when I see a post by a “friend” who likes 6 pages… then I look at those pages, an if I “like” them, I personally am now following that company page. I don’t necessarily want to hear from every product or services company everyday and there are so many that now my friends are lost and I don’t even see their posts anymore. Yes I know I can can “hide” them but then I’m not seeing them at all.

I shouldn’t have to follow a company “personally” but would love to, professionally. My design or branding company would like to. Personally I want to see what my friends are posting and wasn’t that the whole point of Facebook when it started?

So how can we get Facebook to modify their site, so that if I want to “like” something, I can choose which one of “me” wants to follow them?

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