Why Branding Is So Important, Are You A Template?

Are you a Clone? A Template?

I’m sure you’re thinking NO, I’m unique, an original! They broke the mold when they created me!

Well, that is so right, you are an original, so why would you want your branding, for your company, to be a carbon copy of someone elses?

Imagine you select a template from one of those sites that helps you create a logo and you paid X dollars for 3 variations in color. You’re pretty happy and then you do the same thing with a brochure, pick a template, add your logo, select the colors and have them printed up.

Now you schedule a meeting with someone to discuss business and when you exchange brochures, they’re the same. Okay, you’re thinking this probably wouldn’t happen, but it could and how embarrassing would that be for both parties.

The issue I raise is that when you start a business, you have your own original ideas about it and if you cannot establish your own branding and design, something original, how can you put your best foot forward.

Most business owners are on a tight budget, but I recommend starting with the basics and what you can afford. Once you’ve chosen the name of your company and created your “INC” or LLC” you should secure your domain name so when you’re ready to start your web presence, you have it. Then be sure to alert Yahoo Local and Google Maps of your business or store location.

Hire a professional designer and have them create your own distinctive logo. One that expresses and represents you, your new company and only yours. Then have them design your business cards. These are immediate and what you need the most. The business cards can double for product tags if necessary. Then when more funds come in I’d go for a custom blog or website with just the basics, detailing the who, what, where. Then after that, a brochure to advertise the new company and the products or services. If you are creating products, then of course the product design must come either before or after the web presence.

In reading an article online yesterday written by Dan Schawbel, titled, “The Age of Resistance is Upon Us,” he writes, “Branding will always become more important because a brand creates a sense of trust, loyalty, and overall experience that’s hard to replicate.”

I loved hearing this and I realize in this struggling economy business owners look for the quick and easy solutions. Just remember that what you put out there is what you get back. If you don’t take the time or care about how you look and represent yourself the best way possible, the potential clients will see right through you.

In this age of immediacy, just throwing something together or up on the web just so it can start selling, without making sure it looks professional is not going to gain any new clients or customers.

Don’t be a copy of someone else, be yourself, and when you do, you’ll feel great about it and the masses will follow.

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