A Custom theme in WordPress is a Great Option for Small Businesses

In this slow economy, I’ve been thinking about ways to push small businesses forward. With limited funds at the start of any new business you must use what you have smartly.

To start, you’ve got to have an identity, branding, that is crucial. You cannot just post your information up there on the web without a plan of who you are and what you’re selling. So working with a designer for this must be done first, then I’d recommend business cards. Once you have these created, a modest web presence is needed.

Custom theme for Frogs Are Green, LLC

Having a custom designed WordPress site for any new business is an economical way to have something originally done for you, (your own theme) and at the same time you get a CMS (content management system) in place to make changes down the road.

This easy to use system gives you a simple toolbar with the capabilities of adding text, photos, audio, video, links and more, without having to know any code.

I have multiple blogsites and find them a wonderful, easy and professional way to show off my services and/or sell my products.

I offer assorted packages for both identity and starter custom blogs. I’m happy to help new small businesses get on the right track to success.

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