The Real Social Network, In-Person Gatherings

This past weekend I was reminded about what it means to physically go to openings and see friends and acquaintances there.

We all love Facebook because it gives us various opportunities. We connect with friends from high school, with colleagues we know from school and work experiences, and make new “friends” with people we’ve just met. But do these people know anything about us? What our passions or our beliefs are? What we do to pay the bills or our causes.

Yesterday, I visited a gallery, Fish With Braids, with a friend. It’s a small venue with powerful art by whomever they’re showing at the time. We were greeted warmly, by name, which is always such a welcome surprise these days.

Then we went across the street to the event, Ladies On the Mic at Made With Love in Jersey City. Again greeted warmly (by name) by artists, actors and musicians and it was a marvelous and crowded happening. We met some new people, but in-person!

It’s a wonderful reminder that making new friends the old-fashioned way, in-person is still the best way. You not only meet, but can have a real conversation, for a while, and learn quite a bit about each other.

Online that’s not going to happen.

This friday is a cabaret opening and I’m going to try to be there. Not just for the music but because we have a close-knit community and the more we hang with our friends, the more of their friends we meet and the more fun we have.

Jersey City Studio Tour Banner 2010

Coming up is the Jersey City Studio Tour and I’m thrilled about the opening at Grace Church on Friday, October 1. Also coming is the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival. Both of these Fall events give me to opportunity to visit friends, meet new people, see great art, hear great music and have fun in-person!

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