How Do Businesses Compete Against Well Known Brands?

Companies pitch to us via TV, radio, internet (social media and email campaign blasts) and print campaigns in newspapers and magazines. I’ve been thinking about how one company can rise above or set themselves apart, and gain new customers.

Each business is an original with their own idea of how they want to look to the world. They’re special. Their products or services are the coolest, but how do they compete with other businesses who become known to the public as the role model or the one who’s doing it best?

In my own business of branding for my clients, many times I think about how best to create for them so they will look better, cooler, professional and how to bring them up to a higher standard. This way they can compete with whatever company is at the top of the industry. Now of course, look and feel can’t do it alone, there must be substance. If you’re competing with office products, they have to be better and you have to be clear about why; if you are a financial advisor, then you must show us why you know what you know and why we should trust you with our money.

But what if one company is so globally well known and everybody wants their products or services? Say you invented a new sneaker product line and now you want to compete against “Nike’s” brand. What to do?

First if you’re new to the industry there has to be something really unique about your line, that will make customers want them. Anyone can create a new product and want to sell it, but you should be realistic in your goals.

You have to start by researching your competition, learning how they operate if you can, so you can create your own business plan of action. Get your family and friends to start buzz about you. Social media can really help, if you post on brand message and consistently.

You can send a few samples out to marketing and industry reviewers and start getting publicity. All it takes is the right publicity in the right place and your off.  You could also get a celebrity to endorse your product and that’s golden. But which celebrity and why? Look into who would support your efforts.

Remember that you’ve got to have “a gimmick,” be unique! Otherwise, you fade into all the other businesses doing the same thing. But that “gimmick” has got to be relative to your business.

Example: I just love Toms Shoes, not just because the styling is lovely and they’re comfortable, but because for every pair of shoes he sells, he donates a pair to a child without. That’s a great cause and it makes him stand out because of the wonderful thing he’s doing for needy children.

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