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Today someone asked me “What’s a vanity url?” regarding Facebook. So I thought I should post about this to help everyone confused about what this is.

You have your one and only personal profile where you friend others and they friend you. (and make sure there’s only one personal profile and not two or Facebook won’t be kind!)

You can also create pages about anything you’d like to, whether it’s a cause you feel strongly about or your company page. Once you create your page, Facebook automatically gives you an address, but that address is within “pages” and has lots of numbers at the end of it. (like this: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Webbanovella/143030019049880?v=app_4949752878&ref=ts).

Now you fill your new page with posts, information, links, galleries and perhaps a Welcome application page and start inviting people to “like” your page. Once you have 25 or more likes, go to this link and claim your short and sweet url name.


Then your page address looks more like:




New query! A friend just asked, but what if I reserved the name long ago, before I had a page or the “likes?” and now when I try to get the name, I cannot! Well it seems that Facebook itself can put names on hold and you can save them for later. If this is your issue and have been going in circles, here’s a link on Facebook I found.


Hope this is helpful. If anyone has Facebook troubles, just let me know and I’ll try to help.

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