Branding Design Through Social Media and the Satisfied Client

There is nothing more satisfying than a happy client.

Once a company feels they need help to brand their message and they take the leap and hire a professional, they never regret it. It takes an experienced strategist, using both design and clear messaging to bring to light what the client was trying to get across in the past. You must continue to develop that brand across all media applications. Just as the internet and marketing strategies change, so a company’s brand must expand. So how do we get them to take that first leap?

Perhaps it’s about not knowing what they’re missing until they’ve tried it?

Why is brand identity so important?
I’ll tell you that I read blogs, watch videos, and look at company and people’s websites and identity’s everyday. Some I remember, and others I don’t. When I see an engaging photo, interesting, original site design or product, important and clear messaging, or a very unique logo, I do remember it. For example: BMW has the tag line “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and I really think the tag line says it all. It makes you want to drive one of their cars. How about Tide’s website showing it’s customers how it’s helping Haiti and we shouldn’t forget them. How about Real Time with Bill Maher. Clear messaging, he’s going to say whatever he wants and try to stop him, now that’s “Real Time!”

It’s not just about designing some company’s logo. It’s finding the best way to express in design and in words and of course in efforts, what that company is selling and that is TRUST. Gaining the trust of customers, so they continue to buy what you’re selling.

There are so many new small businesses and start-ups and their cash flow may be low, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take their brand identity seriously from the start.

I just watched a video of Michael Stelzner, who has the informative and always current site, Social Media Examiner interviewing Mari Smith, author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day, and she talks about the “Brand of YOU.” In this video Mari talks about how you can build your brand equity on Facebook, and Twitter and why your name (social media persona) is more important than a catchy phrase.

I’d love to hear what brands or tag lines you love and why. Leave a comment below!

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