Branding Wars: Yogurt is Organic, Whipped, Light, Greek and Artificially Flavored

I am a connoisseur of yogurt. I enjoy a yogurt with my breakfast almost every day. There are so many brands and different types so I started wondering what makes us buy one over another.

Yogurt brands and pink breast cancer campaigns

Currently two brands (Yoplait and Dannon) are running their “pink lid” campaign. Dannon for “National Breast Cancer Foundation” at and Yoplait for “Susan G. Komen For the Cure” at I’m wondering how many just buy these brands because of  the “brand name” or the “pink promotion?” How many like the campaign idea, but thoughtlessly toss the lid in the garbage anyway, because it’s too much trouble to ask people to enter a code online (which takes all of 2 minutes). I do and others must because they do raise money, but imagine if everyone who bought them used those 2 minutes wiser?

My absolute favorite yogurt is “Brown Cow.” Especially the cream top or Vanilla. YUM! Just the freshest, creamiest, fabulous yogurt, but it’s hard to find… why? Because they’re just not as well known as the other more popular brands, so the shelf space goes to Dannon, Yoplait, Chobani, etc…

On top of all of this, there’s plain, whipped, light, whole milk, fruit bottom, cream top, already mixed, mixed it yourself, and making yogurt taste like cakes or pies. Red Velvet as a yogurt? hmmmm? There are yogurt shakes and smoothies but I prefer eating yogurt not drinking it.

I’m also wondering if anyone really buys the 4 packs. You really have to like that flavor to buy 4 together. I love vanilla so I might occasionally buy a 4 pack and then make my own mixture with sliced almonds, apple, raisins and/or banana. Do you eat your yogurt in a plain flavor and then add real fruit and/or granola and nuts?

And don’t get me started on frozen yogurt! Although now that it’s turned colder, I won’t be having any of that for a while.

Check out these two campaigns:

Yoplait - save Lids to save Lives Campaign

Dannon - Cups of Hope Campaign

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