Is Facebook More Important Today for Your Business Than Your Website?

Facebook advertising on TVThe other night I was watching tv and although I mostly mute the commercials, I noticed one by a well known, big business and at the end of the advertisement they asked us to find and follow them on Facebook.

It used to be, and often still is the regular practice for a company’s web address to appear at the end of a tv ad, or a print magazine ad, but lately this has been replaced by the Facebook fan or company page. I suppose when the audience is a whopping 800 million a day and counting, there’s a captive audience like no where else.

One of my clients is in the home comfort industry and didn’t think Facebook was very important. He actually laughed when I suggested creating a company page now that we had finished his new website. I told him to do a search on his industry within the Facebook site, and see how many other pages there were. He was quite surprised and now we’re going to explore this.

So, when it comes to being noticed and gaining visibility for your business, which is more important today?

Social media definitely has an advantage in the way friends can recommend friends and businesses and you can advertise and perhaps reach a wider following. Maybe the answer is both are equally important because Facebook can draw the crowds but they will still visit your website for more information.

What do you think? Are our websites taking a backseat to Facebook?

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