Brand Video Interview – Patty Lennon, Mom Gets A Life

Brand Video Interview – Patty Lennon, Mom Gets A Life

Patty Lennon - Mom Gets A Life

Patty Lennon is the founder of “Mom Gets A Life” and the website is a virtual home for moms who are ready to move themselves up on their to do list. Patty created Mom Gets A Life because she saw a need in her own life and the life of other moms, who were balancing between themselves and their kids. Her business has virtual services, live events and community endeavors, that center around putting mom back on her to do list and creating happier moms and familes.

Mom Gets A Life – Building the Brand

When thinking about her brand identity, she started brainstorming with words that described the feeling she wanted moms to have. She wanted them to go from the sense of frustration to being joyful. She also pulled images from sources like magazines and tv that would help define the feeling further and these would have a sense of playfulness and growth.

In development she engaged a few different people, starting with a coach to help with the messaging, Shea McGuier, who was really good at extracting information from her visual elements.

Mom Gets A Life Logo - Patty Lennon

Presenting Mom Gets A Life to the World

Patty is a coach, so she started everything full on, on day one. She had business cards created once the logo was designed and then the website launched at the same time as her free telesummit. The telesummit had guest speakers and the topics discussed supported the concept behind Mom Gets A Life. The people who attended were then introduced to a paid membership as well as to her as a coach.

Patty had a Twitter profile up and would tweet about the telesummit and articles that supported moms. A few weeks after the website launched she put up a Facebook page. Many of the speakers for the telesummit were aligned with the priorities of Mom Gets A Life and were helping spread the word through social media.


Learning Through Teleclasses and Webinars

Patty loves to learn and is always taking teleclasses, webinars and attending live events. She took many courses offered by members of Savor the Success, such as Payson Cooper teaching how to use Twitter properly, one on branding and  another on how to launch a membership. She takes course on how to do videos and build a Facebook page. Anything that has to do with business, if there’s training, she’s taking it.

Promotion on the Web

Because she is a mom and works primarily with moms, she doesn’t so a lot of paid advertising. What she does do is guest blog at other sites and hosts other bloggers at her own site. She feels the way to build information is in and around word of mouth. It’s about about inclusion and support, so helping to spread the word and sharing is key. Some of the websites she gust blogs at are, “Good Enough is the New Perfect.” Two moms started the site, one was in a university and the other a lawyer and they wrote a book of the same name. It talks about moms moving away from the idea of perfection. She also works with Nika Stewart, The Laptop Mom, and a variety of other sites.

Mom Gets A Life - website design

What Patty is Currently Working On

Patty is working on a new take to “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.” It’s psychological theory that talks about how humans develop and she realized that it doesn’t apply to moms at all. She has developed a new hierachy of needs, which helps moms dance between their own needs and their kids needs. She’s so happy and excited about this work. Coming soon will be more information including a free call, live events and materials will be up on the website.


Organizations and Companies Mom Gets A Life Supports

Every month a portion of their proceed is placed into an account on Kiva, so they can lend money to mom entrepreneurs in other countries. She does this because she feels the world is going through a shift, a change, and she feels there are some countries the U.S. doesn’t communicate well with but feels moms can transcend that. Moms can talk to other moms. A mom with hope raises a child with hope and a child with hope doesn’t turn into a terrorist.

How Moms are Different

Something changes once a woman becomes a mom. She’s more careful with money and cycling and recycling it. Through these donations when the money gets paid back, it can go back out again to more moms. In the U.S., how they donate is a bit different. They give money to, to moms who have an idea that will help other moms or help grow the economy. For example, there was a woman who was doing the manufacturing in China dn wanted to bring it back to the U.S., so they contributed to that.

Patty also donates her time locally to workshops and cancer patients and families.

What’s Next for Mom Gets A Life

Patty is very excited about the future. In the works will be larger scale live events where moms can take the time and space to relax, reconnect and reinvent. One of the events will be at the trapeze school in New York City about taking risks but being safe. Other ideas for events are relaxation spa retreats, and wine tastings. All of these will give moms a place to connect with the community and gain the support they need.

Patty is also developing a curriculum based on her coaching practices that will help women transform how they live their lives. She wants moms to train themselves so they can take that knowledge back into their own communities. So lots of live events and ways for women to use the information learned at the local level.

For more information about Patty Lennon and Mom Gets A Life, visit the links below:

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