Are You Faking It?

Sitting on the couch and a commercial is playing for the new season coming in January for Real Time with Bill Maher. I’m laughing at the clips of past guests, his comments and I think to myself, “he’s one of a kind.” He’s projecting his authentic self to us. There isn’t anyone I know that seems so real and says just what’s on his mind. And we get him. You either love him or hate him, because he lays it out there and with ease.

What a can a business owner learn from this?

When someone visits your website and social media profiles, or meets you in person, are they meeting the real you or some fake version? Are they seeing a variety of profile images, layout designs and graphics? When you post an update, do you plan it out ahead of time or perhaps it’s written by someone else?

So, how REAL are you ready to get in 2013?

Time to make a list, check it twice, and visit all the websites where you have a profile and make sure the real and authentic you is shining through. We know that others are watching, listening and so want to trust us. But how can they if you aren’t bringing it to them, at 100% so they get you!

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