SEO and Google: 4 Successful Tips for Brand Visibility in the New Year

I’m going to start 2013 off by revealing a few of my SEO secrets with the hope that you will implement these into your own websites and online profiles and start the new year off right!

***Most important point.*** What matters is what others search for, not what you think they will search for.

SEO and Google: 4 Successful Tips for Brand Visibility in the New YearTip #1: Go to the Google Keyword Search tool and type in your profession and write down some of the top search words. Type in some key terms that make you unique and see how they do. Next, go to the regular search page and type in the words you’ve written down, first search separately, then search by combining a few of them. See what pages and websites come up and see what they have on their homepage that is making them the answer to your query. Also take note of where they are located and if they are using those choice words with their location as well.

Now you are ready to start thinking like a savvy web user and implement a few things into your own site and online profile.

Tip #2: Create your title or moniker that combines what you do with what makes you unique and then stick with it. Make sure that everywhere you have a profile, on your website, social media pages and community sites, it echoes that same phrase. For example: I have decided from now on, my title is “Brand Visibility Designer.” To me, this encompasses a wide spectrum of what I offer and doesn’t box me in. You’ll see that everywhere you see me on the web, this title is accompanying me.

Tip #3: Blogging and SEO. If you write a new blog post and you aren’t making the post SEO friendly, you’re wasting precious time and energy. Write your post first, then read it a few times to see if any words or phrases can be more SEO worthy, and then lastly make sure your title is using some of those attractive keywords to draw people in. If you are adding video and/or imagery they also need to be titled correctly and keywords added. If you’ve just started doing this but have tons of old posts that are missing SEO, go back and add it in.

Tip #4: Be sure to post on your website, update pages and share news as often as possible so all your profiles and pages are fresh. If you do not, you will be less likely to be the answer when someone searches. And since you do want to be the answer, realize how important this task is, and post!

4 thoughts on “SEO and Google: 4 Successful Tips for Brand Visibility in the New Year

  1. mindful marketing strategies

    hello. definitely agree with the 4 points you outlined here for a successful SEO strategy. i especially agree with #3. many of our clients claimed they were blogging, however after a deeper analysis we found the content to not be very relevant to their product and service offerings. this is a key point that needs to be driven with many of the smaller businesses. again, great post. -makeitmindful

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks so much for your comment! SEO is so important and most don’t get that if they spent a bit more time on that, many more would follow.

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