3D Printing: Small Business Marketing Should Embrace New Technology

What can I say except I’m so excited about the latest advancements in printing and it is now part of the conversation in promotion and marketing strategies with clients. Everybody was talking about how books would disappear and e-books and apps for the kindle fire, iphone and ipad were the way of the future.

In the last few weeks I have seen an amazing book called, Safari by Dan Kainen (Author), Carol Kaufmann (Author) which is a Photicular Book. You have to see it to believe it. Yes we’ve seen pop-up books before and they are always fabulously constructed, but this uses a new technique of strips of film and when you turn a page the image animates like film. Quite astounding!

Then the conversation a week ago was 3D printing and in a meeting with clients this week we discussed how we could use this in producing samples (which would otherwise be perishable in the sun) as well as ideas for window displays.

We also discussed creating an outdoor sign for brand visibility using LED lighting and this is the focus of the convention, Lightfair, in Philadelphia.

So, investigate all these new breakthrough ideas and think about how you can implement them into your own business.

Fab@Home_Model_1_3D_printer from Wikipedia.org

Wikipedia.org / Photo by Floris van Breugel

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