When Is It Time To Change Your Hosting?

I started building a new website (in another location) and wanted it to be a WordPress responsive theme. I go to the hosting and install and start working. The first problem I encounter is when I try to upload the theme I want to start with. It won’t do it. So, I log in through Dreamweaver and my FTP connection and manually put the theme folder there.

Next, I want to start installing my favorite plugins and it won’t do it. So, again I manually put them there. Some work, some won’t work.

Then I think, maybe I should upgrade the WordPress itself, since it’s saying that at the top? Tried that, won’t do it.

I finally open a chat window with the hosting company and find out they do not provide the complete WordPress software. Seriously? WordPress is a free open source platform, so why wouldn’t they let us have it? My other hosting company for the other sites I own does and I have never encountered this before.

Since the cost of this hosting per month is more than my other account, all I can say after all these years is… bye bye.

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