Is Your Website Scaring People Away? Part Four: Creatives, Ready to Remove the Mask?

Creatives are known for their work but often make the big mistake of thinking the work can speak for them. Believe it when I say, the public really wants to know the “you” hiding behind that creative mask.

creatives, ready to remove the mask - part four blog seriesI visit exhibitions and events all the time, and I love meeting the artist that created a piece I’m captivated with. I’ll seek them out and talk with them about the piece and even learn more about their process, if they are forthcoming. Then when I show my photos from an event, or choose to interview that artist on my radio show or in my written interview series, I can share even more of what makes that person unique.

These interviews are some of the top visited pages on my blog. I can report this because I look at the Google Analytics often and learn exactly how many people are drawn to the interviews and love learning more about a particular creative or small business owner.

When I purchase a piece of art, I can share with whomever is over my place more about the piece too, but only when creative artists open up and share.

How does this translate to the web?

When you upload a new image to your online gallery, but forget to name the image and describe it, you are making it harder for potential visitors to find it and you. Remember, a nice caption that describes the medium used and other details will add all important seo to that image and your site and will bring fresh eyes. For writers I will say that publishing a new ebook or post without any seo creates the same problems.

Creatives, don’t be afraid of new media! Share your new content on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and especially create videos on YouTube. If you step in front of that camera and share more, you will sell more.

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