Set Your Facebook Username

In the last few weeks I have met so many new people, after hosting and attending live events. Many of these creative and small businesses have Facebook pages, but so many of them don’t know how to take their business page out of the “pages” section and create their custom “vanity” direct url address. (See the screenshot with arrows below.)

It’s quite simple. Just make sure you are logged in to Facebook, visit this link, set the name and make sure you spell it correctly.

Why You Must Set Your Facebook Username

Facebook has a very strong presence on the web, so when you search for a business in Google, that company’s Facebook page will most likely be in the top 5 listings. If they haven’t set their custom name, it may not show up. This is your brand visibility working, when your business Facebook pages are set up right. (Do it for all your pages!)

When you are within Facebook itself and go to search for that business, Facebook will not display it in it’s initial suggestions (pulldown menu) either. If you set the name, it will be the first suggestion.

So, if your business page is still in the pages section, set your username right away. Then be sure to update the links to that page in your email signature, and other profile accounts.

setting Facebook username

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