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I’m working with a new client this year whose website was created using Joomla. A weird thing happened on the website. Last week, I updated one of the background images so it was current, rather than from last year’s event. I logged in through ftp (using Dreamweaver) and just replaced the image with the new one. I checked the page on my other computers (both Apple and Dell) and all was well.

Yesterday, I logged in to make some more updates to the content on the pages and when I looked at the page I had updated last week, the background image had disappeared. I looked in every platform and browser and even re-uploaded the image again.

After a discussion with the previous webmaster, we discovered the only possibility was maybe the new image was too large in file size. I changed it from 1MB down to 200KB and saved it as a new version. After uploading it, so it replaced the old one, the image was back.

I’ve done some research and here’s a bit more about Joomla’s image limitations and how to adjust them if you need to.


Setting the Upload File Size

Setting the maximum allowed size for uploaded files.

By default the maximum allowed size for uploaded files is set to 1024Kb.

This value can be increased (or decreased) in the Editor Parameters section of Editor Profiles for all add-ons that allow uploading, or in the relevant add-on tab in the Plugin Parameters section for each individual add-on.

Editor Parameters

1. In Editor Profiles click on the name of the Profile to edit, then click on the Editor Parameters tab.
2. Click on the Filesystem tab.
3. Set the new maximum value in the Upload File Size field, in kilobytes, eg: 2048. The maximum value that your server will allow is displayed next the the text field. The value that you enter cannot exceed this value.
4. Click the Save button.

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