Your Passion is What Sets You Apart

When I’m not working for my clients, I work on my passion projects.

For the last five years, my passion has been doing what I can to help save frogs and amphibians. It’s one thing that sets me apart from other branding and marketing companies. I post news items, artwork and photographs that highlight the state of the environment, stunning nature images, and of course, frogs. I also love designing Earth Day and conservation posters and T-shirts, collaborating with the very best photographers and illustrators.

Why do I think this is making a difference?

There are goals I have for my business, and so many of them are coming true because when you combine what you are good at with your heartfelt mission, people begin to notice and follow along. Some clients call me “the Frog Lady,” and I chuckle too because I’m in on the joke.

It’s now time for YOU to drill down deep and uncover what really sets you apart. You’re not “just” a writer, actor, entrepreneur or musician. You’re an environmental writer or a blues guitarist. Find your passion within the ordinary and you will stand out and be heard.

Once you discover what makes you tick, it needs to be highlighted on your website, in your profiles, and you need to work on your 30 second “elevator” speech.
eart day poster with frog by Wes Deyton, Photographer; Designed by Susan Newman, founder, Frogs Are Green

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